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Your safety is important to us

A broken, cracked, or chipped windshield on your vehicle can be very dangerous. If you leave it unrepaired, a crack or chip can spread, making your windshield hard to see through and a safety hazard for you and other drivers.


You can call Basin Glass and Aluminum to repair that crack or chip so you can feel comfortable and safe when you're on the road. Give us a call today, and we can get you fixed up.


We are insurance approved.

Is your

windshield chipped?


Call us today for all of your windshield repairs:


A broken windshield can cost people their lives. If your windshield flies out during a crash, both you and your passengers could be thrown out too or be crushed in a rollover accident. You need somebody that can repair your damaged windshield before it's too late.


Don't substitute price for quality when it comes to your safety. At Basin Glass and Aluminum, we repair all auto glass and heavy equipment glass. Insurance is approved, and you can drop-off your vehicle, or we can pick it up and deliver. Call us today for more information!

Don't become a statistic because of a crack

You'll find that we only use Essex-qualified technicians and adhesives made by the original equipment supplier to assure your safety. Essex holds your windshield in place and is approved by all vehicle manufacturers.


You can trust a company that uses the best products on your auto or heavy equipment glass. Call us today for professional and outstanding quality windshield repairs and replacements.


You will get only the best products from us

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